Aborted Fetus - Dark Legions Of Apocalypse
Лейбл: More Hate Productions – MHP 19-322, Фоно – none
ФорматCD, Compilation, DVD, DVD-Video
Страна: Russia
Дата релиза: 22 мая 2019 г.
Стиль: Death Metal
CD-1 The Wind Of Agonizing Spirits
CD-2 Drenched Eyes Of Boiling Oil
CD-3 Nailed To The Cross
CD-4 Cradle Of Revulsion
CD-5 Cold Lake Of The Sinner
CD-6 Roasted Alive In The Copper Bull's Stomach
CD-7 The Art Of Pain
CD-8 Boiled Alive
CD-9 Hanged On The Hook By The Rib
CD-10 Blinded By The Flame
CD-11 Burning At Stake
CD-12 Impalement
CD-13 Savage Dominance
CD-14 Necropolis Demography
CD-15 Garden Of Kidney Stones
CD-16 Private Judgment Day
CD-17 Guinea Pig
CD-18 Handicraft Trepanation
CD-19 Hominal Repair
CD-20 Into My Flesh (Pot)
CD-21 Goresoaked Clinical Accident
CD-22 Cutting Memories
CD-23 Mental Personality Disorder
CD-24 Aquarium With Dead Souls
CD-25 Corp(se)oration Of Gluttony
CD-26 Post Mortal Hymenoplastic
CD-27 Unleashed Psychoanalysis
DVD-1 Live in Ekaterinburg 2015
DVD-2 Live in Perm 2012
DVD-3 Nailed To The Cross (Music Video)
DVD-4 Blinded By The Flame (Music Video)
DVD-5 Private Judgment Day (Music Video)
DVD-6 Aquarium With Dead Souls (Music Video)
DVD-7 Autofagus (Music Video)

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