Dear friends, we present to you two new releases from Metal Race at once! This time it’s all about different kinds of death metal.


Depression - Распятье Богов

MR 029 A re-issue of the Russian Doom Death Metal band’s only full-length album, recorded in Kislovodsk in 1995.

The sound was taken from the original studio reel and went through restoration and remastering. Gloomy, viscous and cold music – a prime example of mid 90ies Doom Death Metal.

Everything about “Raspyatye” follows all the best genre traditions and foundations, even though it can’t be said that the band is a mere copy of the genre’s grandest. On the contrary, the music is original and boasts an unique atmosphere, sure to be enjoyed by fans of early Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride and the likes.

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Navalm - Tyranny

MR 030 The third full-length by Sevastopol’s deathsters Navalm.

This time we’re confronted with a highly technical piece of work both having progressive elements and still sounding like the old school of Death Metal. These musicians combine many kinds of styles and passages while keeping the grim and straight-forward Death Metal, without too much unnecessary experimental fluff.

“Tyranny” will definitely please all fans of Death, Atheist, Sadist, Hieronymus Bosch and so on!

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