Dear friends! 4 new Metal Race releases went into print!
Music of different styles, genres and times will be brought to your attention this time.


Hidden Enemy - Проклятый Путь

MR 031

Chelyabinsk – the heart of the Ural mountain, a lair of corpses and poisonous air.
Places like that are where demons are born – like, for example, Hidden Enemy!
Vicious, merciless thrash/death metal straight from the frozen depths of hell – just as cold as Chelyabinsk itself.
Fans of Demolition Hammer and early Sepultura better prepare for a treat, because this is an absolutely mandatory listen!


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Exhumation - Symbol Of Fear

MR 032

First time on CD – the early works of St. Petersburg’s Exhumation!
Raw, straight Melodic Death Metal keeping to the old school – just like we remember it from the beginnings of Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates and In Flames.


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Catapultah - Water

MR 033

For the first time on CD – Catapultah from Nakhodka!
These guys absorbed the best that Funk and Progressive music has to offer and applied it to a tight Thrash Metal base, with a raw, underground sound (even though it went through remastering).
“Water” is a great example of a post-soviet generation assembling modern influences into a piece of honest and homemade art.
Highly recommended to fans of Crownear, Mordred, Faith No More, Mekong Delta and the likes.


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Death Vomit - Live In Sumy '95

MR 034

For the first time ever the live-demo of one of Russia’s first Brutal Death Metal bands, Death Vomit, sees the light of day on CD. Now that this super-obscure archive material was found and remastered one of the rarest relics of Russian metal will get its official release!
For pre-orders only each copy will be supplied with a collectable Slipcase featuring unused album covers in a limited number of 100 copies.


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