Dear friends!
We are strating to publicate information about our upcoming releases.


Bloodrain - De Vermis Mysteriis

MR 035

Our 35th release is a reissue of the debut album "De Vermis Mysteriis" of Thrash/Black band Bloodrain from Tver. Album was carefully remastered and a booklet was made by famous picturer Ascold. This reissue will be interesting not only for the band fans, but also for those who like oldschool extreme metal.
We are also glad to announce that reissue will be available on two formats: CD and MC.
CD will have a 4-paged black-and-white booklet, MC will be on CrO2 position and will have a perfect sound.
It is going to be our first experience on MC, but in the future we are planning to reissue all our releases on MC.
Together with these releases you can buy some merch: T-Shirt, hoodie and Long-Sleeve T-Shirt are also available.
Note that there are discounts on sets during presale.


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Железный Поток - Бесконечная Боль

MR 036

Second release for today and 36th in our catalogue is a reissue of a cult Russian album "Бексонечная Боль" ("Endless Pain") of band "Железный поток" ("Iron Stream").
Release is also available on CD as a digipak with 6-panel booklet and on MC with CrO2 position.
Album was carefully remastered, release contains rare photos and information about band and some bonuses.
We have also prepared some merch, together with CD you can buy a T-Shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt and a hoodie. Note that there are discounts on sets during presale.


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Drugger - Dementia

MR 037

37th release will be a reissue of an album "Dementia" of Death Metal "Drugger" from Zymlyansk.
This release was carefully remastered from the original DAT-cassette and fans can now enjoy the clear sound. It will have an original cover and booklet contains a lot of rare stuff.
Reissue is available both on CD and MC. Together with them you can also buy some exclusive merch: T-Shirts, Long-Sleeve T-Shirts and hoodies.


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