We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited release with the re-release of the CORPSE band recordings has taken place! Pre-order mailing has already begun!

I would like to update some release notes:

- It is based on the EP, which was previously released in the format of 7'' vinyl on Final Holocaust
- Bonuses were cassettes with demos
- The first is the 1993 demo of Necroculinary
- The second was an unidentified rehearsal recording. In the words of Dmitry “Jeff” Studitsky: “At that time we recorded many of our rehearsals, some of them we sent to labels. It is difficult to say which particular record, I can only say for sure that this is 1992.”
On our release, the 1992 demo is designated as Unknow Demo.
- The reissue came out in two formats:
* Collectible 20-page numbered Digibook, in which we have collected all available photos, articles, interviews and reviews related to the group. The circulation of digibooks was 100 copies, most of which were sold in pre-sale.
* Classic numbered CD-jewel with 8 page booklet. Jewel circulation was 200 copies.