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Our heaviest release Death Vomit — "Live In Sumy" will come out soon!

Death Vomit - Live In Sumy '95

Check our updates, soon the shipping will start. We still have few exclusive slipcases. These cases have a unique art which was specially made for this release and will not appear anymore else. Number of copies is just 100, but you can still buy it for a low price!

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Dear friends! 4 new Metal Race releases went into print!
Music of different styles, genres and times will be brought to your attention this time.


Hidden Enemy - Проклятый Путь

MR 031

Chelyabinsk – the heart of the Ural mountain, a lair of corpses and poisonous air.
Places like that are where demons are born – like, for example, Hidden Enemy!
Vicious, merciless thrash/death metal straight from the frozen depths of hell – just as cold as Chelyabinsk itself.
Fans of Demolition Hammer and early Sepultura better prepare for a treat, because this is an absolutely mandatory listen!


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Exhumation - Symbol Of Fear

MR 032

First time on CD – the early works of St. Petersburg’s Exhumation!
Raw, straight Melodic Death Metal keeping to the old school – just like we remember it from the beginnings of Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates and In Flames.


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Catapultah - Water

MR 033

For the first time on CD – Catapultah from Nakhodka!
These guys absorbed the best that Funk and Progressive music has to offer and applied it to a tight Thrash Metal base, with a raw, underground sound (even though it went through remastering).
“Water” is a great example of a post-soviet generation assembling modern influences into a piece of honest and homemade art.
Highly recommended to fans of Crownear, Mordred, Faith No More, Mekong Delta and the likes.


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Death Vomit - Live In Sumy '95

MR 034

For the first time ever the live-demo of one of Russia’s first Brutal Death Metal bands, Death Vomit, sees the light of day on CD. Now that this super-obscure archive material was found and remastered one of the rarest relics of Russian metal will get its official release!
For pre-orders only each copy will be supplied with a collectable Slipcase featuring unused album covers in a limited number of 100 copies.


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Dear friends!
Celebrating the dawn of 2017 ALL PRICES ARE REDUCED BY 17% on metalrace.com !

Only until the 1st of January, your chance to buy everything you wanted but couldn't afford with a reduced price!

Dear friends, we present to you two new releases from Metal Race at once! This time it’s all about different kinds of death metal.


Depression - Распятье Богов

MR 029 A re-issue of the Russian Doom Death Metal band’s only full-length album, recorded in Kislovodsk in 1995.

The sound was taken from the original studio reel and went through restoration and remastering. Gloomy, viscous and cold music – a prime example of mid 90ies Doom Death Metal.

Everything about “Raspyatye” follows all the best genre traditions and foundations, even though it can’t be said that the band is a mere copy of the genre’s grandest. On the contrary, the music is original and boasts an unique atmosphere, sure to be enjoyed by fans of early Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride and the likes.

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Navalm - Tyranny

MR 030 The third full-length by Sevastopol’s deathsters Navalm.

This time we’re confronted with a highly technical piece of work both having progressive elements and still sounding like the old school of Death Metal. These musicians combine many kinds of styles and passages while keeping the grim and straight-forward Death Metal, without too much unnecessary experimental fluff.

“Tyranny” will definitely please all fans of Death, Atheist, Sadist, Hieronymus Bosch and so on!

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Dear friends!
It's a great day for many metal fans, since the CD reissue of the truly cult thrash metal album "Znamenie" by Zheleznyi Potok, previously available only on cassette and Vinyl, is finally ready!

Железный Поток - Знамение

The re-release features a six-panel-digipak, many archive photos, song lyrics and the original cover artwork, that was exclusive to the self-released tapes.
"Znamenie"'s sound went through a restoration and a remaster on the DAI Records Studio.


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Dear friends!
We are proud to present our new release! This time we are going to acquaint you with Swiss thrash metal band Lunacy! These demos have never been released on CD before and have become very rare!

Lunacy - Case History. Vol. 1

With release we will turn you back to the end of 80s into the Switzerland and let you observe band's development: from small rehearsal room and 4-track recorder to the professional studio. From crossover-like thrash to the classical Swiss technical thrash!

Do we need to say anything else about quality of this release if guitarist of Lunacy played in Coroner in 1986 and guys still gather over a beer with such cult Swiss bands as Celctic Frost, Coroner and Excruciation?

Booklet contains rare photos, exclusive interview with band members and a small bonus.



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New release by Metal Race!
The Soviet and Russian thrash metal legend returns – Zheleznyi Potok presents its new album “Perezagruzka” (“Reboot”)!

Железный Поток - Перезагрузка

The album was recorded in the Novaho Sound studio, which means that the sound quality of the presented material is top-notch! Everything about the sound screams old school metal, even though the material was recorded in modern circumstances, which makes it unique, to say the least!
This is a continuation of what Zheleznyi Potok was doing back in the 90s, and every single fan of the band will recognize trademark elements that made us love Zheleznyi Potok as much as we did!



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Dear friends!
On the 15th of September 4 new releases are available for order in our catalogue!

Horroraiser - Infestation

MR 022 The band Horroraiser from the northern town Kovdor will make debut with their album "Infestation". Album is made in best traditions of oldschool Death Metal and recommended to all fans of this genre!

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Де Сад - Генератор Запрещённых Наслаждений

MR 023 The second studio album of Samarian band Де Сад (De Sad) will be released together with labels More Hate, Dark Front and Grotesque. This album is a classical fast and technical enough oldschool Thrash Metal with wacky lyrics like Korrozia Metalla! It is filled of maniac horror and tomb fun!

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Натиск - Одинокий Герой

MR 024 Long awaited reissue of the rare album "Одинокий герой" (Lonely Hero) of Heavy Metal band Натиск (Natisk). Sound was remastered at DAI-records and the booklet was made by Dylan Troy which means that this reissue is an excellent present not only for the band fans, but also for the genre in general! Reissue contains also re-recorded song "Голос" (The Voice) of band Агония (Agony) (pre-Натиск).

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Reabilitator - Social Programming

MR 025 Second studio album of Ukrainian band Reabilitator "Social Programming" is still recognizable raw enough sound in best traditions of early Overkill, Tankard and Kreator. Impact of the Arbitrator band may also be heard here! Best recommendations!

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Dear friends!

Long-awaited reissue of the first album "Чёрная Сила" of band "Железный поток" is finally available! This album has never been released on CD before. Release is a CD in jewel case with 8-paged booklet.

All tracks were remastered by Evgeny "Zheniay" Vinogradov on DAY Records.

You can also order a poster with autographs of drummer Alexey Bykov and guitarists Roman Devyatkin and Vadim Travin from first band's line-up and T-Shirt as well!

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We are proud to announce presales of Aspid "Extravasation" LP.
It will be released as 180g black vinyl pressed in Russia by "Ultra Production".
Hurry up and make your order before it's too late, because this edition is strictly limited to 300 copies only.
The price is $30.

We present you here our two new releases!

MR 013 Sociopath/Tyran "Social Tyranny" – split from two quite different bands performing Thrash Metal.
Co-release of Metal Race, More Hate, Wings of Destruction and Narcoleptica Prod.
The price is $5.

MR 014 Trizna "Forgotten Tapes" – reissue of first 2 demos from TRIZNA band and EP "Songs for Radio", previously released as tapes only.
This release includes 8-page booklet and rare photos of the band from early years.
The price is $10.

CD reissue of the Austrian thrash metal band Ravenous "Book Of Covetous Souls".
700 handnumbered copies.
The price is $10!

Metal Race starts presales of CD reissue of the Austrian band RAVENOUS "Book Of Covetous Souls" cult album.
Reissue features 12-page booklet with texts and archive photos, as well as 4 exclusive bonus tracks!
The price is $10.

With all our efforts, trusts, respect and patience the long-awaited ASPID "Extravasation" release with bonuses is out!
Shipping of pre-sold stuff started.
The price for Digipak is $15.
Price for jewel-case $10.

We are glad to announce our new release – BLOOD POLLUTION "Raw Sovereignty". The stuff is in stock since now and available for order.
Available as Digipak.
The price $12.