Amentia - Scourge (2017)

Death Metal
Technical Death Metal
Avantgarde Metal

Amputated Vein Records

Label: Amputated Vein Records  - AVRD010
Format: CD Jewel / Obi
Country:  Belarus
Released: 2017
Style:   Avant-garde Technical Death


1. Kill Me
2. I Don't Believe
3. Anorexia
4. Slow Decay
5. Noble Death
6. Sentence Executioner
7. Paranoia

After 6 Years of silence avant-garde technical death metal frenetics from Belarus are back with their 3rd full-length album with capacious and biting title "Scourge". Seven uncompromising tracks which are killing your brain cells with each second of their sound. Fast and chopping like an ax rhythmic riffs; machine gun bursts of drum fills and blast beats, perverted paranoid solos, beast-like soul-destroying vocals, and of course grinding virtuosic bass. Featuring members of POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER, DEATHBRINGER, DISLOYAL, THY DISEASE. Strongly recommended for the fans of BLOTTED SCIENCE, SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, MISERY INDEX, THE FACELESS, GORGASM and MESHUGGAH.


350 р.
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