Blood Pollution - Cave Aliens

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Wings Of Destruction
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MR 060

Blood Pollution - Cave Aliens
Release Date - 20.11.2018
Catalog Number: MR 060

Nick Thrash - Bass guitar, lead vocals
Sergey Stepanenko - Guitars, backing vocals
Sir Paul Mauler - Guitars, backing vocals
Andrey Finogenov - Guitars, backing vocals
Cheskis - Drums, backing vocals
Tybalt - Drums, backing vocals

Recorded in August 2016 - May 2019 at MYM records, Moscow, Russia.
Mixed and Engineered by Yanis Survilo.
Produced by Blood Pollution.
All music & lyrics by Blood Pollution.
Cover by Tybalt.

1. Mark Of The Wicked
2. Motorcharged Fever
3. Cracked Hole Boogie
4. Rock'N'Roll Bitchtrap
5. Rushing Hours
6. King Of Love
7. Electric Woman
8. Signs Of Tomorow
9. Cave Aliens
10. Glory Ride

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