Drain Of Impurity - The Seventh Planet Of The Infected Cygnus System (2016)

Brutal Death Metal


Label: Fono Ltd.
Format: CD Jewel / Booklet
Released: 2016
Country: Turkey
Style: Brutal Death Metal
1. Into The Obscure Voids & Out Of Decaying Orbit
2. Spreading The Necromorph Contagion
3. Low Gravitational Decomposed Re-Animated Bits Of Swarmer Flesh
4. Peripheral Visions Of Agony And Sick Hallucinations
5. Obscure Chambers Of Biological Labs Placed Under Quarantine
6. Aegis VII - The Seventh Planet Of The Infected Cygnus System
7. Enslaved Frozen Creatures In Cryogenic Tubes
8. Putrid Alien Necromorph Infants Growing In External Artificial Wombs
9. Massive Amorphaus Horryfying Unknown Form Of Xenomorph Infestation
10. Extreme Delusional Homicidal Phases Of Epidemia
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