Moribund Sun - Mental Torture

Death Metal
Old School

Metal Race Records
Grotesque Sounds Productions

MR 061

Moribund Sun - Mental Torture
10th anniversary edition of Moribund Sun's 2010 reissued album Mental Torture is now available on CD!
300 copies only!
The true sounds of the old school death metal from Ural, Russia
The album release is dedicated to our friend that passed away. He was a member of the band and a guy who could not live without music.

01 - Body hunt
02 - Murdered spree
03 - Emblamer's lover
04 - The Asha existence
05 - Die on the war
06 - Come down
07 - Mental torture
08 - Outro
Bonus Tracks
09 - The Prison Cell (Lament cover)
10 - Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd cover)

250 р.