Exclusive Аспид t-shirts from Metal Race available for order.
All sizes.
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Since now we are official distributor of "Сходим С Ума" album of Система band from Chelyabinsk self-released in 2005.
The price - $7.

Long-awaited official reissue of Aspid "Extravasation" album. This release presented as Jewel case CD with 16-page booklet. The feature of the reissue is the fact that the remastering was held on original sources from band members (DAT-tape dated back to 1992). Therefore, no failures with sound, no speed up and no mistrustful sources.

Metal Race have become an official distributor of the last Natisk (Натиск) album "Волчьи Слёзы". Ask for prices.

SOLD OUT!!! Metal Race have become an official distributor of Paranoia band. Since now we have all unsold yet copies of absolutely new LPs. Ask for low prices.

Our first release – reissue of the demos from cult Moscow band ДАЙ "Close Friend Of Death" and "Алкоголь Превратим Мы в Маачу".